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The Ouray Ice Park is not only a recreational ice climbing venue but also an engineering effort, combining natural and manmade elements. In addition to the hard work of many dedicated people, the world-renowned Ouray Ice Park exists thanks to an overflow of excess water from the City of Ouray’s spring-fed supply tank; a clever layout of irrigation pipe; more than a hundred garden-variety shower heads; a little knowledge of fluid mechanics; and the perfectly located
deep, shady, and cold Uncompahgre Gorge.

Technical facts about the Ouray Ice Park:

  • Water source: overflow from the City of Ouray water supply tank 0.25 mile to the west
  • Gravity-fed system; no pumps, no motors
  • Water pressure: incoming water pressure is 105 psi; pressure on the other side of the pressure-reducing valve is 50 psi
  • Lineal feet of irrigation pipe: 7,500 feet throughout the Park
  • Type of pipe: Yellow mine irrigation pipe
  • Water supply: 150 shower heads
  • Average flow rate per shower head: 2 gallons per minute
  • Typical water pressure: 30 psi at the South Park climbing area (farthest upstream point)
  • Number of gallons per night: 150,000–200,000 gallons
  • Length of open and climbable terrain: more than 1 mile
  • Cumulative vertical climbing terrain: more than 3 miles

“Ice climbing, hot tubbing, and a cool mountain-town vibe put Ouray on the map. ” – National Geographic Adventure (February 2006)


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