updated 3/20/19

We opened on Saturday December 15th, 2018!

We are now in the last few weeks of our season and we still have good ice and climbable terrain open. Still open are the Schoolroom, The Trestle, The Kid’s Wall, The Upper Bridge Area, and the Lead Only Area. Despite the avalanche conditions causing the closure of Highway 550 to the South of Ouray for those coming from the Durango area, Ouray is still relatively easy to get to from the North corridor and from where most of our travelers arrive from anyway. Ouray and the Ice Park are still open for business!

For many, when the Park is in as good conditions as it is in this March, this is the time to be here, for lots of reasons;

  • The Ice is still really fat and in good shape in the areas we have open!

  • There are not a lot of other people climbing in the Park. Last weekend our daily totals were around 50 people each day. With more than 50 climbs still open, our visitors had the pick of the litter all weekend long!

  • This time of the year the ice softens up and the climbing seems to get easier. We call it “hero” ice or “plastic”. Grade V feels like Grade IV and it is time to set some ropes up on those routes you weren’t quite so sure about earlier in the season.

  • Many of the days are warm and springy. No need to be in your big down jackets and lots of layers, enjoy the winter and the climbing without all the cold!


Open Areas:
School Room
Upper Bridge
In Between the Bridges
Lead Only Area, Kid’s Wall

Closed Areas:
Five Fingers
Stump Wall
Scottish Gullies
New Funtier
South Park

With mid March upon us, the Park will soon be wrapping up another banner season with 95 days open so far and if we can make it to our Target Closing Day, March 31st, which is looking promising, we’ll be at 106 days!

No excuses here, what are you waiting for? Get your axe in gear!

Here's to winter!

THE OURAY ICE PARK Target Opening Day for the 2018/2019 Season is December 15th.