The Ice Park is closed for the season

Ouray Ice Park Live Feed

South Park: CLOSED
New Funtier:  CLOSED
School Room: CLOSED
Trestle & Mixed Alcove: CLOSED
Pic O' The Vic: CLOSED
Lead Area Only: CLOSED
Kids' Wall: CLOSED
Lower Bridge: CLOSED
Scottish Gullies: CLOSED
Stump Wall: CLOSED
Five Fingers: CLOSED
Shithouse Wall: CLOSED

As of 4pm Friday, February 10th.

Greetings Ouray Ice Park Climbers and Supporters,

Unfortunately, mother nature has forced us to “tap out” for the season, much earlier than we hoped for or expected. We have had a season full of ups and downs, highs and lows, challenges overcome, and successes celebrated, but this most recent warm-up and the extended forecast has proven too difficult to conquer. We have been assessing the conditions and safety on a daily basis, trying to maintain the ice that we do have and mitigating potential dangers. As of today, we feel like we have reached a point where our assessment and mitigation are not enough to ensure the safety of all of our visitors, so it is now time for us to close. One of our main goals has always been to keep ice in the Park open for as long as possible, but only if it is safe.

We are not sure whether this closure is permanent or temporary. If cold temperatures return and we have the opportunity to get the water running again and build the ice back up to make it safe and climbable again, then please be assured that is the first thing we will do, we will try to reopen, but it is not guaranteed.

We apologize for the late notice for travelers who have made plans to come out this weekend, have already arrived, or their travels are already underway. In these conditions, the ice has changed drastically on a daily basis and there was no way to predict ahead of time that we would need to close the Park starting tomorrow.

While we still hold a glimmer of hope for this season at the Park, that is fading fast. As we look onto next ice season we are all well aware at the Ouray Ice Park and the City of Ouray that you have options on where you climb and that there are many factors to consider when making that choice. The Ouray Ice Park offers a climbing experience unlike anywhere else, we strive to maintain and support this world class ice climbing venue. On good years, it is the best you can find anywhere, and even when the conditions are not the best, it is still an experience of a lifetime for all. Our committed Staff and Board of Directors, working with the City of Ouray are more than willing and feel obligated to improving and maintaining the image and quality of the Ouray Ice Park for years to come.

Thank you for your support.