SGS Renewals

2019/2020 Ouray Ice Park SGS Permit Renewal

Please use the form below to submit your permit renewal information so that we can gather current information to determine whether your Guide Service’s permit for commercial guiding in the Ouray Ice Park will be renewed for the 2019/2020 season.

We would like to receive your renewal paperwork by the end of the business day on ??, November ?, 2019. We will review your submission and return your permit to you by the end of the business day on November ?, 2019.

After downloading and filling out the form below and email your application. If you have additional information, documentation, or attachments you would like to send via email, please address all correspondence to Dan Chehayl –

Any questions concerning this application may be submitted in writing to

You can download the following forms below:

  • Ice Park Rules & Regulations

  • Organizational Statement to Abide

  • Employee/Guide Statement to Abide

  • Commercial Guiding Renewal Application Form

Please note that for the 2019/2020 Season, all SGS employees must acknowledge and sign the Ouray Ice Park Rules and Statement to Abide prior to operating in the Ouray Ice Park. Individual employee acknowledgement forms can be uploaded on the form below or emailed directly to Dan Chehayl: