The School Room is one of the most accessible areas with a high concentration of easy to moderate routes. As a result, this area can get very busy and falling ice can bounce a long way from it’s origin. Anchor ropes at top of the climbs to the fixed and numbered stations accessible from the trestle at the top. Please follow the following safety recommendations

  1. Please do not create your own anchors in between the stations.
  2. Make sure no one is leading up your intended route before tossing ropes into the gorge.
  3. You may walk down to the bottom of the gorge on either side of the schoolroom. Please walk down instead of rappelling.There are fixed ropes to assist the walk down.
  4. It is recommenced to belay on the far side of the gorge from where you climb. There are bolts on wall to use as directionals to keep from getting pulled into the river. You may want to use these if you have a heavy belayer. Keep an eye out for falling ice even on the opposite side of the river, it can still hit you.
  5. You are allowed to lead in the Schoolroom, but it is not recommended on busy days. Both you and your belayer will be in potential harms way from falling ice.

Area Info

Routes: 11

Grade Range: WI2 – WI4/5

WI2 – ****

WI3 – ***

WI4 – ****

About: Climbs get more difficult from climber left to right. Look for bolted and chain anchorsalong the walkway. DO NOT ANCHOR TO THE RAIL OR WALKWAY. A walk down is available on either side of the Schoolroom.



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