The Essential Ice Climber Pre Fest Tune-up 

Get the New Year and the Ice Fest Started Off Right!   

Belly Upgrade-Fuel For Your Body-Nutrition On Ice- with Roxanne Vogel
Brain Check- Navigating Fear And Climbing- with Ryan Vachon
Body Lift - Yoga  For Climbers - with Mairi Humphreys

Date: 01/24/2019
Time: 12pm - 3pm
Price: $30
@ The Ouray Community Center
Don’t forget to bring a Yoga Mat!

Fuel For Your Body-Nutrition On Ice - with Roxanne Vogel

Join Roxanne Vogel for a discussion of current nutrition topics and how fueling your body with the right nutrients at the right time can improve performance, recovery, and athletic longevity. Learn why nutrition is as essential as any piece of gear for the outdoor athlete. Find out how your own strategy stacks up, and walk away with tips and tricks to fuel your next adventure.

Navigating Fear with- Ryan Vachon

Managing fears while we climb can is difficult. Do you ever find yourself in a scenario where you are really excited about a climb, yet as you approach the climb doubt and fear begin to wedge themselves into your thoughts? Even if you see your fears as overkill, and you want to move past them to succeed on a climb, they grind on your mind. As a consequence, when it comes time to execute, you are distracted, performance falls apart and it just ain’t fun. Working with fears to accomplish our goals is possible, but it takes practice. Join climber, Ryan Vachon, as he talks about healthy internal dialogue around unproductive thinking so that each of us can nudge closer and closer to our performance potential. Participants will be asked to play with a toolkit or set of exercises, that better set us up for big pushes in the face of fear and doubt.

Yoga For Climbers - with Mairi Humphreys

Prepare your Mind + Body with a pre-fest yoga session. A regular Yoga Asana practice can help you let go of tension and enhance your ability on Rock & Ice! Join local Yoga Teacher, Mairi Humphreys as she guides you through a 60 minute practice, linking breath and movement. – Dress in comfortable clothing & bring a yoga mat along.

2019 Ouray Ice Festival All Access Pass

The 2019 Ouray Ice Festival all access passes are now closed
tickets to each evening event will be on sale at the Ouray Community Center
(pay cash as you enter the event)

All Access Pass holders receive the following benefits:

  • Admission to evening events. (Please arrive early. Passes do not guarantee entrance once venue capacity is reached)

  • Shorter admission lines at evening events

  • Complimentary Gear Card included with the all access pass.

*Festival attendees who do not purchase an All Access Pass will still have the opportunity to purchase individual tickets (subject to availability) at the door for each evening event. Please visit the schedule page for evening admission prices.

Please note, All Access Passes will be available to purchase online until Thursday January 17, 2019, or when they sell out, which ever comes first. We anticipate they’ll sell out, so get them while you can!

The funds raised at the Ouray Ice Festival are used to maintain and operate the Ouray Ice Park

After purchasing your All Access Pass there can be a delay in receiving your confirmation email. Please be patient. In addition to being patient, be sure to check your SPAM/junk folder, and if you use Gmail you might need to check your Promotions and/or Updates tab in your inbox.

2019 Ouray Ice Festival Gear Card Information

The $5 Gear Cards are now closed
You can purchase a $10 Gear Card at fest
stop by the info booth in the expo area at the park

What is a Gear Card?

Gear Cards are an integral part of the Ouray Ice Festival. A gear card allows clinic participants and Festival attendees the opportunity to demo jackets, tools, boots, crampons, harnesses, gloves etc. from Ice Festival sponsors throughout the weekend.

How much is a Gear Card?

  1. Gear Cards costs $5.00 if you purchase it online before the Fest.

  2. If you wait until the Festival you will have to stand in line and pay $10.00 per gear card.

  3. If you decide to purchase an All Access Pass or a Ouray Ice Park Membership you get a complimentary Gear Card!

When do you stop selling Gear Cards online?

To get a $5 gear card online, you must purchase it before Thursday, January 17, 2019. (After that, the price goes up to $10 and you’ll have to stand in line to get your Gear Card).

**Gear Card holders agree to the authorization of the credit card number provided to be charged retail value of item(s) damaged and/or NOT returned to the specific vendor by 2:00pm on the last day of the Ouray Ice Festival - January 27, 2019. ***Please note, when you purchase a Gear Card your registration information is sent to the Ouray Ice Festival Sponsors.

All Access Pass & $5 Gear Cards Sale ended at 11:55pm on 01/17/19.
After that All Access Passes are no longer available to purchase.
Gear Cards can be purchased at Fest for $10.